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7th Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders.

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Aged 19


A tailor with Mr. Murdo Mackenzie, Ullapool. Only son of Mr. John Cameron, Pulteney Street, Ullapool.


Joined the Territorials July, 1914.
Mobilized 4th Aug. 1914.
Proceeded to France 29th July, 1916.
Killed in action near Arras 8th April, 1917.
Buried in the Cemetery at Duisans  


Extract from letter written by Mr. John Cameron, late headmaster of the Ullapool H.G.P.S. : - “Donald was a particularly nice lad, quiet, gentle, and very attractive in his manner, with a strong reserve of that moral fibre that unfolds itself in excellence of character and true manly courage.”


“We will think of his innocent story,

How bright was the pathways he trod,

From the morning of life to the Glory,

The infinite Glory of God.”


Official information

Official record (CWGC)


Cemetery / Memorial: Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, France.

Grave: I. J. 1.


Location and Map (CWGC)


Local Memorial: Ullapool, Middle Panel, 13th from the top.


additional information

Official records state his date of death as being the 7th of April 1917 and not the 8th as stated above.


Information kindly shared by Peter Newling:


Kenneth Macleod RNR also of Ardindrean lived with his parents Donald and Margaret and several brothers on their croft in a house which is no longer there* – some of it can still be seen in the fank above Cherry Bank. Kenneth went to the Navy and joined HMS Helga in 1915.


The Helga was built as a marine research ship and the Admiralty took it over in March 1915 to be an armed anti-submarine and escort vessel for the Irish Sea. She was fitted with both a 12pounder and a 3pounder gun and patrolled with armed trawlers between the Mull of Galloway and Wicklow Head. During the Easter Rising of 1916 the Helga played a famous role in Irish history when she was sent up the River Liffey into Dublin to shell buildings there held by the rebels.


The patrol work continued and Kenneth was lost overboard in a gale off Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire) on 22nd December 1916. He was aged 24. Of Kenneth’s brothers Alick and William joined the Seaforth Highlanders and John served on the destroyer HMS Cygnet. *The house isn’t, but the family is.


Family information

The connection with the Parish today is not known.





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